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Our Principles define how we operate, how we produce our products and how we offer our services. These include:

  • Computer programs we write are released as Free Software under Open-Source licenses.
  • Devices we design are developed as Open-Source Hardware and the designs documents are released under Free Licenses.
  • Our knowledge base is released under Free Licenses.
  • Data we collect is released as Open Data.
  • We keep a Peer-to-Peer non-hierarchical organizational structure.
  • Our projects, products and services are designed with social and environmental sustainability in mind.
  • Religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, skin color, eye color, hair color or shoe color are no reasons for discrimination.
  • The community of customers, developers, resellers and other involved groups is encouraged to participate in the development process through access to our product designs as well as to our project and service plans.