Diaplasi User Application

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Run the setup.exe and go through the installer steps.


On the first run the application will welcome you asking you to run a "setup wizard" where we need to setup the following

  • Microphone

Click "Start recording" and the application will try to record from the computers microphone a 5 seconds audio file that will be automatically played back to the user. The user then is asked if they heard it.

  • Camera

The application tries to find all available camera devices and are shown in the drop down menu. User selects one and can click "Start" the video is shown on the window and after 5 seconds the user is asked if they can see the video. When they click "Next" the settings are being saved for this device.

  • Screen

The user is asked to write the size of their monitor in inches and it is being stored in the application settings.



The configuration file is in the application installation folder (e.g. C:\Program files (x86)\Optotech\Diaplasi\Diaplasi.exe.config). Here is a list of settings that their values can be adjusted:

  • ScreenSize (number 14 to 27)
  • Microphone (True/False)
  • Camera (True/False)
  • FirstRun (True/False)
  • RestAPIMainURL
  • RestAPIinsertTestData
  • UILanguage (en / el)
  • AllowVideoRec (True/False)
  • AllowAudioRec (True/False)
  • TestHTML (html code for rendering texts)
  • GetExamsURI
  • GetTestsListURI
  • GetTestURI
  • ImageExtension
  • CustomExamsFilename
  • CustomTestsListFilename
  • CustomTestFilename
  • MainAPIURI
  • RegistrationSite
  • ForceScreen
  • ValidationTimerInterval (time in milliseconds default:2000)
  • SpaceKeyTimerInterval (time in milliseconds default:3000)
  • DisableTrackingData (True/False)
  • DisableFullscreen (True/False)
  • DisableFixations (True/False)
  • DisableNetwork (True/False)
  • ImagesURL (https://be.diaplasi.net/images/)
  • UploadURL (https://be.diaplasi.net/wp-content/uploads/files.php)
  • GetCompletedTestsListURI (completedtestslist.json)
  • UploadWhenAdmin (True/False)
  • CalibrationCommand (location of Tobii configuration application default:C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\Tobii EyeX Config\Tobii.EyeX.Configuration.exe)
  • CalibrationParameter (-C/-G)
  • UploaderName (default:Optotech)