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Parts for the Arduino Reflex Game

The ReactionGame is a simple fun game that helps you test and improve your eye-to-hand reaction.


When a box lights up the player has to push the button as fast as possible. Then this light turns off and another box lights up. The Arduino will count the reaction time from when the light was on till the button was pushed.


The making of the game includes the following parts:

  • Light Boxes x4
    • Transparent side - 3D printed
    • [Top] - CNCed
    • [Base] - CNCed
    • LED strip 12cm
    • Push Button
    • 4pin connector
    • Resistor 3.3kOhm

We also need four 2 meters long shielded cable, with 4 wires each, to connect every Light box to the Arduino Box.


We use a git repository for the software running on the devices.


Circuit for Arduino Reflex Game Light Box