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The User site or Front-end is http://diaplasi.net. It is the site where users register and edit their profile which contains all personal and medical information. It is also the site with which the application verifies a user.

The site is Wordpress and uses the following plug-ins:

  • Allow Multiple Accounts
  • Diaplasi
  • JWT Authentication for WP-API
  • Ultimate Member (do not upgrade, custom changes in files)
  • WPML Multilingual CMS [1]
  • WPML String Translation

Add and activate Cactus theme


  • configure JWT authentication according to [2]

$resArray = explode(', ',$res); foreach ($resArray as &$r) { $r = __( $r ,UM_TEXTDOMAIN); }; unset($r); $res = implode (', ',$resArray); before $output .= '<div class="um-field-value">' . $res . '</div>';

    • add profile id in um-meta in um-actions-profile.php

<?php echo um_profile_id();?>